Compass academy

Why choose compass academy?

Compass Academy unlocks the unique potential of elementary school students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences, building solid foundations for continued school success. 

Our student profiles include dyslexia, language-based learning disabilities, and other specific learning disabilities. Our students have average cognitive abilities and require more intensive support than is provided in a traditional classroom. We pair research-based multisensory methodologies with a comprehensive academic curriculum and deliver instruction in a positive learning environment in small groups and 1:1 tutorials.

To achieve success and grow trust and confidence as learners, students build and strengthen literacy skills, social-emotional learning, and application of strategies. 

Our elementary and middle-school students have usually been functioning below grade level in some or all of the core subject areas, often causing them to become frustrated, discouraged, anxious, fearful of failure, unmotivated, and negative. But we can help! We provide specialized academic instruction and extra support in both small-group and individual settings for our students in all grades.

We begin by learning about each of our students and their unique learning profiles. Then we use that knowledge to empower students by recognizing their strengths and developing their foundations for learning. We present subject matter using a multisensory and cross-curricular approach, and we embed key skills throughout the academic day. All students begin at their own academic level and progress at their own learning rate.