Why choose BTES Learning Center?

  • We are a WASC accredited supplemental education provider

  • We are a state-certified Nonpublic Agency (NPA)

  • We believe the brain has plasticity and can be changed or rewired

  • We build skills not usually addressed at school but that are essential to learning efficiency

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Often adds, omits, and reverses sounds when reading and spelling

  • Identifies the first couple of sounds then guesses the rest of the word

  • Doesn't recognize the same word from sentence to sentence

  • Struggles with starting and finishing homework

  • Difficulty remembering what is read

  • Difficulty in getting the main idea and drawing conclusions

  • Difficulty sequentially expressing ideas

  • Struggles to generate ideas for writing and put the words on the page

  • Difficulty using math facts consistently and learning higher level math skills

Screening & Assessment

We start with an academic evaluation to determine areas of strength and weakness in reading, spelling, language, comprehension, vocabulary, phonological processing, writing, and math. A processing skills screening may also be administered to assess underlying areas that may be interfering with academic achievement, such as processing speed, reasoning skills, attention, and memory. Afterwards, we will meet to discuss results of the evaluations administered and discuss recommendations.

Individualized Instruction

Based on the results of the evaluation, a learning plan is developed. Our highly trained instructors deliver the multisensory, research-based and process-based programs to make deep change possible.

A Positive Experience

We provide our students with a safe, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere.

Foundations for Learning

Our specialty is helping individuals, from preschoolers to adults, build critical processing skills through multisensory instruction. These skills are the foundation for reading, spelling, language, comprehension, math, writing, and life-long learning.

With a strong foundation in place, our students have the tools to build their own successes at school and work.

Two locations to serve you

Point Loma

2675 Rosecrans Stree

San Diego, CA 92106


(in Liberty Station)


3505 Cannon Road

Oceanside, CA 92056


(near Lake Elementary)